The game is so easy and just after a few spins each player will be familiar with the requirements for winning, what generates most points what is a Joker and what is the Scatter that generates the Free Spin.

The theme of the Slot is the mail, or the delivery of it. Literally, all items delivered are included in symbols of this interesting and colorful Slot.

casino Meridian

The Bonus Game generated by the B symbol that appears only in the 1st, 3rdand the 5th reel activating the Castle Bonus game.

Appearance of these 3 symbols in one spin will let you into the castle. The castle includes 5 levels. Certain point values and Princess Roxy are in the first two levels. Each field wins points and getting the princess wins the sum of all points on this level, practically a new bonus.

casino Meridian

Uncle Mordred appears from the third level, where the game is over if you open the doors and he appears.

The Scatter symbol appears during the game but it does not generate bonus game but, 3 or more Scatter symbols generate a certain number of points that is multiplied with a total bet in the game.

Also, there is a wild symbol that replaces all other symbols, practically a Joker, doubling each winning that was received with it.