Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Amazon Betting, WE ARE DIFFERENT!


Protection of the minors!

Under called “Think responsibly” we have developed strict rules to protect minors from online betting. We have created high standards in preventing young people to bet through a series of stringent checks and procedures. No one who does not meet through the criteria in terms of age cannot create online an online account and cannot play tickets in the bet shop.


Retention in the bet shop!

Players do not spend a lot of time in the bet shop. Average time that player spent in bet shop is 26-30 minutes and during that time the player views the offer and place a few bets or credit their accounts.


The amount of the average ticket!

Over a longer period of time we conducted research in our bet shops and we found that the largest number of players are betting responsibly. Average amount of ticket payment in our shops is about SCR25.

Betting for fun!

Bookmakers today represent a safe environment where everyone can spend free time with the opportunity to have fun with lot of products offered.


Customer Safety!

Our online platform provides customer a safe service without having much health risks since they can place the bets in the safety of their own home environment given the Covid-19 impact in recent years. We believe this is a wonderful plus point for everyone.


70% of the employees in our company are women!

We are proud of the fact that more than 70% of our colleagues are women! We believe that the true recipe for success is to have a team of people who make both men and women.


Specialization/improvement of employees!

We are committed to continuous improvement of our employees in order to acquire new knowledge and skills. We have developed a modern system of training relating to responsible gaming and betting.


Salaries are regular in our company!

All of our employees have employment contracts and regularly paid their full salaries. We hired young people and provide them the opportunity to grow and further improve.


We ensure the best professionals and service provider support our operations …

We have a great experienced and professional team of employee who are 80% Seychellios ready to support and assist our clients.

We work with world leading service providers and all our products and services and certified and tested.

They are many opportunities to express yourself and show that you want to be a part of the best team who is constantly advancing. Our company is constantly employing new people who want to be a part of large and successful team with the possibility of continuous improvement.

We are proudly a Seychellois company creating employment opportunities, contributing to various supporting local service providers, pay taxes in the Seychelles!

In addition we sponsor and support various projects in health, environment related, sports and the less fortunate in our community!

Become part of the team!