This is our new and unique game in the Online Casino.

Namely, this is the first, and we hope not the last, dice game that came to our casino.

It is a Chinese game, also known as Tai Sai and Dai Su, but still, it is best known for its current name, Sic Bo.

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Dice used to be thrown, but, in order to be as fair as possible, the dice are now below a glass bell that you press twice, and the Dealer activates the surface that throws the dice uniformly.

The game is very simple, the point of the game is placing bets on numbers that will show on the dice rolls, whether one of the 6 numbers on the dice, two numbers out of 3 dice rolled, or all three numbers rolled.

You will be able to place bets on a sum of dice rolled, value under or over, odd or even numbers, and you will get the odds for each play.


  • For the sum of dice rolls from 4 to 10 or from 11 to 17, in case you win, if you bet one point you receive one more

  • For guessing 2 out of 3 dice rolls, if you bet one point you receive 6 points

  • For the sum of dice thrown, the odds are up to 62 to 1

  • For 3 identical dice rolls guessed, if you bet one point you receive 180!

  • When you enter Live Dealer and select Sic Bo, you will see 3 offered options of the minimum and maximum bet

  • For starters, our advice is to try your luck on the lower tables, 50-7.2K

The history of dice rolls is located in the upper left corner, while the statistics is located in the upper right corner.

The table shows odds for one, two or three numbers guessed, from the bottom to the top.

You just set the value of the chip and place the bet on the dice you wish.

Lean on the statistics, check out the history of rolls, but, primarily, rely on your instincts. Good luck!