How do you calculate multiple signs?

How do you calculate multiple signs?

Double signs, triple signs, quadruple signs – are a type of system bets where a customer places different bets on the same match (two in double, three in triple...) where double or triple signs can be used in each of the stated system types. 

These types of system tickets are calculated as any other systems, the number of combinations divides the stake and is multiplied with the odds of the double sign. Also, with these systems, one combination usually excludes the other.

Example 1: Barcelona – Real Madrid


1.           Final score 2

2.           Final score X

*In this type of double sign we have an example where one bet excludes the other. The winnings is calculated by dividing the stake with the number of combinations and then multiply with the odds of the combination.

Example 2: Barcelona – Real Madrid


1.           Final score 1

2.           Total goals 3+

3.           Double bet GG&4+

*With this triple sign the bets mutually do not exclude one another and all three can be won. Calculation of ticket winnings is as with other system tickets (1/2, ¼, 1/6…)