How to verify my account?

How to verify my account?

All existing and new online customer accounts need to be verified by uploading or sending scanned copies of identification. Considering the high-security standards we follow, and in order to be able to protect the privacy of your account, its details and funds in it, an account must be verified.

This is due to our KYC (Know Your Customer) & AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance requirements we must ensure that existing and new account details can be fully verified and it matches person’s details on the identification documents and that person is above the legal age of 18years.

To verify your details you can provide us with one of the listed valid documents on our email address [email protected] :
 -Passport or
 -Driver's Licence or
 -National Identity Card


Verification process on our website:
* Login with your email and password
*Click on the arrow near your name(showing down direction)
*Click on Account
*Click on Documents
*Fill place near Document name
*Fill place near Document description
*Click on Choose file(add scanned document)
*Click on Upload(verification process is done)

 Please note that in order for us to verify the authenticity of the documents; we need a full clear copy with edges visible; we cannot accept cropped documents.

Please note that if the account will not be verified our Team will have to temporarily de-activate it; in the period when the account is not verified customers will not be able to complete any withdrawals from their accounts. This can be reversed any time by sending the documents or uploading them via the upload button on our website.